Advanced Guardrail Towers

Advanced Guardrail Tower

We have moved away from the traditional way of building scaffolding towers (either the red and blue brace system ,3ft method, or guardrail) and replaced it with a new advanced guardrail tower system

The new way is quicker, easier and safer than ever before, using less parts and ensuring operative safety at all times. The advanced guard rail now attaches to the alloy tower as it is built which essentially means that any contractor or operative is never exposed on an unprotected and un guarded platform.

We all know that health and safety inspections can slow down work and in some cases stop it all together when they order a shut down. If you are using our new advanced guardrail tower system the risk of health and safety inspection fails will be a thing of the past when reviewing your scaffolding tower systems.

The fact that the new advanced guard rail towers use less parts ensures that the towers can be constructed quicker ensuring maximum efficiency on site. The risk of losing parts like braces as also been reduced meaning even less chance of non-productive time on site whilst chasing replacements.